Instructions to Diamond Painting...

Step-by step instructions :

  • Choice of canvas : Themes can vary, from landscapes to portraits to animals to abstract patterns... 
  • Préparation : Start by preparing your workspace and sorting the diamonds by color.
  • Pour a first color of diamonds into the tray. Take some sticky jelly from the tip of the pen and grab one diamond by pressing the tip of the tool on the rounded side of the diamond.
  • Placing the diamonds : Start by peeling off a corner of the protective film from the adhesive canvas and place the diamond on the corresponding symbol on the canvas, applying light pressure to stick it in place.
  • Repeat : Continue to pick up and place diamonds onto the canvas, working in small sections at a time until the entire design is complete.
  • A roller tool can be used to gently roll over the surface of the finished painting, helping to ensure that all of the diamonds are securely pressed into place.