Collection: DELUXE Collection Diamond Paintings

Discover our brand new Collection DELUXE of diamond paintings!

In this new Collection you will find a more complete range of tools, higher quality canvases, high resolution symbols and an expanded color palette. We have redesigned every detail to give you an exceptional diamond painting experience.

This new collection is particularly aimed at real fans of this activity who want to start more ambitious projects with larger canvases. One of the most exciting aspects of our new Collection DELUXE is the clarity and resolution of our symbols. Each symbol is meticulously crafted to be easily identifiable, which makes laying the diamonds a lot easier. You will never have to wonder which symbol corresponds to which color!

In addition, we have enriched our color palette to offer you even more variety of shades to our images. Each color is packaged in a resealable bag, which guarantees their preservation and easier organization. So let your favorite hobby run wild and explore our new Collection of Diamond Painting.

With this new Collection, you'll have everything you need to create dazzling masterpieces.

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