The artists

Andréa Marquis:

She developped her style as a self-thaught Artist. Many years of exploring different techniques and subjects made her find a very disctintive and
personal brushstroke Emotion, energy and colors are the common denominator of her art. It is through living subjects, mostly animals, that she shares the most amazing explosion of colors To this day, her Art has been exhibited throughout Quebec, Ontario, New York and London. Also represented by several Art galleries in Quebec, she will never cease to impress you with her unique style that leaves no one indifferent.

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Anie Maltais:

Anie Maltais started the JaCaRou because of her passion for puzzle in 2015. Using her amazing creativity, Anie mixes drawing techniques and graphic design to achieve a really distinct look that resonates with puzzlers everywhere. From designing the images to the boxes, from product development to sales, Anie built a brand that truly represents her values and her desire to share with the worl her unique creations.

Anne-Marie Boisvert:

Anne-Marie is an accomplished artist in various artistic disciplines. His journey, his involvement and expertise in visual art are constantly evolving. She has been teaching oil painting, acrylic, decorative painting and mixed media for several years now. Her approach to art is friendly, what she seeks above all is to give the information and tools necessary for everyone to create painted works, while promoting creativity. It works in close collaboration with manufacturers of paint, brushes, wood and others; thus, it experiments with their products and then proposes their applications.
She willingly shares her passion for art, collaborating with distributors such as Diffuzart and other shops specializing in visual art. She teaches painting at her studio and also offers seminars in specialty shops.
His artistic research led him to the publication of academic documents devoted to the formation and development of works painted on various surfaces. She participates in various artistic events such as conventions and exhibitions. Faithful to various associations promoting art, member of RAAV, RAR, ROSE-ART, ALPAP, Blainville Art, RPDLLL, MADP, SDP, CDAN, she is also part of training programs offered by various manufacturers such as Jo Sonja, Delta, Pébéo, Demco, Holbein, Royal Talens, Princeton and others.


Camille Rouleau:

Camille Rouleau is an emerging artist who does not label herself. Her passion for art and creativity has always been present, but has materialized in the last few years. For Camille, art is a rewarding escape that transforms any negative thoughts or experiences into something beautiful. Working with troubled youth, Camille sees the importance that creativity and art can have. In her role with children and in her personal life, she explores different techniques and mediums to express herself. Mainly through acrylic paint in its various forms, Camille creates Art full of soothing colors. She invites you into her multicolored world to find the artist in you!


Christine Karron

Christine Karron is a Canadian artist and illustrator. Working as a freelance artist for over 20 years, her artwork has been sold
worldwide and includes several children's books and coloring books, as well as oracle card sets. Christine loves to create fantasy illustrations and characters with a whimsical and narrative touch primarily using watercolor and colored pencils on paper Her work is influenced by precious T-memories from her childhood when picking flowers and berries in forests so deep like in fairy tales
Christine lives with her husband, their three kids and a dog in Central Alberta.

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Colette Falardeau

Colette Falardeau, was born in Alma in Quebec, Canada. Colors, creativity and fantasy have been a great part of her life from childhood. Having studied fashion design, she worked as a fashion illustrator for over 10 years in Montreal. Over time, the desire to paint took more and
more space in her life. Self-taught painter, she is passionate about exploring this medium. It is her principal mode of expression. In early 2000, a first Art gallery in North Hatley showed interest in her paintings. She later joined other galleries across Canada and now devotes herself full time to her Art. She is transported by the immense privilege of bringing to life, on canvas, the colorful characters who inhabit her!


Hannah Lynn

Hannah Lynn est une artiste américaine autodidacte et illustratrice de livres à colorier à succès, travaillant depuis son studio maison dans la belle campagne de Géorgie. Elle vend ses œuvres en ligne, lors d'événements et via des produits sous licence depuis 2006. Elle a grandi dans le nord de la Californie, où elle a découvert son amour de l'art en dès son plus jeune âge. Lorsqu'elle ne dessine pas ou ne peint pas, elle aime jardiner, cuisiner, décorer et passer du temps avec sa famille


Karine Sirois 

Art has always been part of Karine Sirois' life. She first studied psychology, then became a primary school teacher. It's at the turn of 2019 that the expression of her creativity comes to light. Having explored oil painting, then watercolour, essentially painting portraits, Karine Sirois discovered acrylic, which she particularly liked. It was through intuitive painting, which was a real revelation, that she refined her style. Her very colorful figurative works are original compositions imbued with joy. The artist superimposes layers of paint and adds various marks using stencils, brushes, sponges, etc.


Suzanne Claveau

Born in 1957 in Ville Saguenay in Quebec, Canada, Suzanne Claveau studied at Beaux-Arts in Chicoutimi. At the end of her studies, painting was to her, a fascinating mode of expression. The artist devotes her time to teaching her art, symposiums and exhibitions where she collects several awards and mentions. She perfected her
technique with the famous late Mrs. Marthe McLeod, and with attending
several Master classes. It is through her bold and vibrant colors that she shares her love for life. Established in Portneuf region in Quebec, Canada she runs a workshop-boutique on the banks of the majestic St. Laurent River. An environment that allows her to fully blossom.